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What is GBG

What's GBG?

GBG (GamingBattleGround) is a platform for gamers and tournament organizers where they can compete against thousands of players for money and hardware prizes. We are a friendly gaming community where gamers can have fun while earning money in eSports. GBG’s mission is to give all gamers the opportunity to feel the passion of competitive gaming!

Join us! Together we will create the future and be the first ones to take the step into the next generation of eSports!

GBG Platform

How it works?

Join a tournament

Join a tournament

Pay an entry fee to enter a tournament. WIN. Get the prize money.

Step 1: Find a tournament

Step 2: Join

Step 3: Play

Step 4: Get your prize

Organize a tournament

Organize a tournament

Organize tournaments with entry fees. Get 10% of the prize pool.

Step 1: Create a tournament

Step 2: Invite players

Step 3: Make money

Want to compete in eSports tournaments?

Compete or organize eSports tournaments and earn prizes